Bucksport Middle School

During our extended time of Remote Learning, student assignments will be posted in a Google classroom from each of their classes. Because most of our teachers are already using Google classroom, all students have experience logging into and finding assignments on Google classroom.  By 3:00 pm on Tuesday, 3/17, students will be enrolled in each Google classroom they will need in order for remote learning. To learn more about Google classroom and how parents can support students working in the Google classroom, please click **here** (video link).

To support this method of Remote Learning, students will have the option to acquire a Chromebook to use at home, at no cost.  The form to allow this must be completed by the student and guardian and is being sent home with your student and is available here: Chromebook Permission Form 

If you need to contact a specific staff member, e-mail is the best route and they can be found from the staff directory here: **Staff Listing**. You can also call the BMS Office and have a message relayed.

If there are any issues acquiring these documents or gaining access, please contact the BMS office at 469-6647. This office will be staffed 7:30 am to 3:00 pm, Mon - Fri.

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March 19th:  Remote Learning Daily Schedule

March 29th:  How Parents Can Help