Draft Fall 2020 Return to School

Draft Fall 2020 Return to School
Posted on 07/31/2020
This coming Monday, the School Board will be having a workshop to review the plan and the public can access this meeting remotely on youtube at rsu25.org/youtube and public comment may be submitted either by emailpubliccomment@rsu25.org or by phone in by calling (207) 307-8099.

On Monday we will be sending a survey to each family to determine their preference for either in person or remote learning, as well as if you plan to ride the school bus. Following the dissemination of the survey the schools will be following up with families who have not returned the survey to make sure we have an accurate count of each choice.

These numbers will be critical in our determination of how we will return to school. Accurate transportation numbers are critical to determine bus runs, and the number of bus runs we will need due to reduced capacity of the buses. That information in turn will determine the start times and dismissal times of the school day. Accurate numbers for in person or synchronous remote programming will determine how the school week will operate, either a level 2 return or a level 3 return.

Thank you for your assistance in gathering this information.

Jim Boothby

Read online here (Google Doc):  Re-entry Plan Draft

Download here:
Re-entry plan draft 7.30.20.pdf